Workers' Comp Protection From William Landsiedel

I am one for the most experienced attorneys handling Workers’ Compensation Cases in the State of California. I have over thirty years of experience the Workers’ Compensation Field. I have worked as a Assistant Chief Counsel for the State Compensation Insurance Fund (the largest Workers Compensation insurance company in the United States), for a private Insurance Defense firm, and for school districts. Having worked in government and in the private sector, I have seen almost every kind of Workers’ Compensation case. I know how government entities think, how they work, and how to effectively deal with them. I have worked with private insurance companies,from the inside, and I have learned what makes them settle a case. I have experience with self-insured employers, TPA’s, and all other types of groups that handle Workers’ Compensation cases.

I can use all of my experience to represent you, and I want to represent you whatever your legal situation. I know how to make sure you receive every dollar you are legally entitled to promptly. I have the necessary knowledge to steer you to fair and good doctors whether in a (MPN) medical provider network, the QME(Qualified Medical Examiner) panel, or in rejected cases. I will fight for your rights, and I will not give up until you receive all the benefits you are entitled to.

I have experience in multiple fields, which gives me the you and edge when you have multiple claims in different forums. I can help you with almost any Workers’ Compensation case, Social Security case, Unemployment case, State Disability case, etc.

California laws are designed to provided injured workers with lost earnings, medical care, and compensation for permanent disability as a result of work-related injuries. The Law Office of William Landsiedel will aggressively represent your interests to ensure that you get the medical treatment and compensation that you deserve.

Determining the amount of compensation you deserve can be a daunting task, and you do not have to go through it alone. We are only paid if you collect. Call us for a free consultation to determine what type of compensation you deserve for your injury. We will help you navigate the workers’ compensation system and help you get the medical treatment and compensation that you deserve.