I have been on the forefront of aggressive case management to lower costs and reduce the period of time cases are open. I use unusual methodology to do this, which has proved to be very effective.

The defense of workers’ compensation cases can be best achieved by an early hearing before the applicant’s attorney has gathered evidence. In that case where injury AOE-COE is an issue, or whether there are other serious issues, a quick hearing on the issue is best.

Many defense law firms gather evidence by way of depositions, subpoenaing records, or taking other protracted actions that can have the file open for 1 year or more before a hearing.

I do not believe in doing this. I believe in an early hearing and an early settlement. My experience has told me that in many cases we can settle the case early for much less than litigation cost if the matter is allowed to sit.

If you are curious about this case handling methodology, and are considering saving money
on litigation, call The Law Office of Bill Landsiedel.