Bill Landsiedel Special Appearance Attorney Calendar conflicts are inevitable for busy attorneys and law firms. If your firm needs reliable and professional representation for court hearings, depositions, default prove-ups, motion hearings, or settlement conferences, Bill Landsiedel can help. Attention to detail, and careful case review will be standard operating procedure. I will meet with you in person or via telephone before the appearance, and also keep you apprised of any pertinent developments which arise from the appearance. We are local to most Orange County courts, but will travel to Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. Please contact us to discuss rates and availability.

Special Appearances and More

For Workers’ Compensation Firms

I have a Workers’ Compensation practice in Laguna Hills, CA. and I have over thirty years of experience in Workers’ Compensation. I work on a contract basis for other firms, and I am expanding my practice. My business plan is to offer other firms temporary and fill in and appearance attorneys. In addition to my availability, I have a staff attorney and a Hearing Representative, who can handle appearances and other work in or out of your office. We can handle all types of Workers’ Compensation hearing including lien appearances.

We are available to handle the Orange County and other Boards , and to work on a temporary basis in your office.

We are flexible and can be available to form a relationship with your firm on a long term basis. With 33 years’ experience in Workers’ Compensation defense including USL&H, I have the training to help and I offer consulting for Employer’s, TPA’s and Insurance Companies, on State and Federal Workers’ Compensation Law. I currently handle overflow work for three firms; you are free to contact them for a reference. Long Term costs can be negotiated; the following are my temporary work charges.

Extra/temporary/fill in help, to cover short term needs. We can save you money!

  1. Attorney Temporary Work for Worker’s Compensation Firms at their offices.
  2. Available Trained Workers’ compensation attorneys for appearances.
  3. Lien Attorney’s or Representatives to allow Workers’ Compensation firms to refer out their lien matters to free up attorney time for case in chief work.
  4. Establish a Lien Unit, Post/Pre finalization lien work to settle liens quickly, prepare lien affidavits, etc. This will allow Workers’ Compensation Law Firm’s to operate more efficiently as these matters eat up a lot of attorney time.
  5. Willing to establish a remote office for other firm’s terms to be discussed.

William Landsiedel has thirty plus years in the Workers’ Compensation defense field. Stephen Goss works as a Para-legal and Hearing/Lien representative, has a background in the medical field as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Stephen has a significant background in medical billing and terminology, and would be a strong advocate for your clients.


Bill Landsiedel: $100.00 per hour

  • Appearances at WCAB hearing of all types, including complex matters.
  • In office temporary attorney work, to fill to cover desks of attorneys.
  • Medical Record Review and summaries.
  • Working on major cases including structured settlement and reinsurance matters.
  • Consulting on matters with Employers, TPA’s and Insurance companies.

Stephen Goss: Lien/Hearing Representative/Workers Comp Paralegal: $25.00 per hour

  • Appearances at lien hearings except Lien Trials.
  • Simple hearings such as to appear where matter is to go OTOC etc.
  • Available as temporary work of any kind. 4. Work in your office on lien matters as needed, check QME panel eligibility, whether applicant or defendant oriented, other as needed.

Stephen and I would be happy to interview with you at any time,, and resumes are available on request. I will personally supervise the work of my staff to insure the best results.