lower cost faster case

It is my experience that aggressive handling, according to my methodology, will enable lower cost and get cases closed quicker.

Insurance companies want cases closed as soon as possible. Most defense firms take a lengthy and expensive litigation process; this road leads to huge litigation costs. While this will benefit the workers’ compensation defense firm, insurance companies are better off with quick litigation and paying up front to reduce litigation costs and medical bills and medical legal costs.

The cost of litigation includes PQME reports, AME reports, years of litigation, depositions, subpoenaed records, etc.

In many cases which are suspect on their face, the better method is to file for an earlier appearance, and push for an early settlement.

I’ve seen thousands of cases over my career, and the vast majority can be settled very cheaply up front prior to extensive litigation. If this approach intrigues you, and case closure and lower costs are something you’re concerned, contact Bill Landsiedel.